Dentistry involves many different care treatments and procedures depending on the oral condition of the patient and his requests. A medical dental check-up can reveal gum disease or advanced periodontal disease as well as dental tooth decay, tooth enamel erosion, or chronic bad breath well before the first complaint from the patient.

While a visit to the dentist is not on the list of top-10 list of things that most people like to do, it’s sometimes necessary for good dental oral health. Whether the reason for a visit to a dental surgeon is for cosmetic dental care or traditional dental health care procedures like dental implants, dental bridges, or dental dentures, dental techniques and dental methods offer a wide range of choices for dental needs.

People tend to ignore the fact oral health often affects a person’s general health condition, and is intimately linked to major life-threatening diseases such as cardiopathy, joint diseases, general and local infections.

Cosmetic dental treatment or cosmetic dentistry is different from traditional general dentistry, in that it provides esthetic benefits — it focuses on an improvement in the appearance of a person's teeth.

The most common cosmetic dentistry procedures and cosmetic dental techniques enjoyed today are teeth whitening and veneers. Teeth whitening is an excellent option for people who have stained or discolored teeth caused by smoking or from drinking tea or coffee.

Switzerland is one of the few countries worldwide that enjoys both the highest level of education in the field of dentistry as well as some of the best preventative and curative treatments.

In our clinic excellence is not just a goal, it’s a daily reality.