Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Patients who have many missing teeth or severe deterioration of most teeth may require a full mouth reconstruction using a combination of restorations, veneers, crowns, bridges, dental implants or partial dentures. The oral cavity is a dynamic environment where changes constantly occur, sometimes quickly but more often slowly over time. Changes can be due to a traumatic accident, periodontal disease, shifting teeth, a lifetime of neglect, a destructive habit such as grinding or a lifetime of dentistry focusing on one tooth at a time leaving the mouth resembling a patchwork quilt.

Full mouth reconstruction versus a smile makeover

Full mouth reconstruction is not the same as smile makeover. The fundamental difference is the former is a need while latter is a want. Although some of the equipment and techniques used for full mouth reconstruction are also used in a smile makeover, the latter is still done to improve the appearance of the person as opposed to a treatment for a medical complication.

Images courtesy of Dr. A. Bernede and Dr. O. Jaren

Case 1

1 - before

2 - RX before

3 - models

4 - RX after

5 - prosthetic

Case 2