September 12, 2013

CAD/CAM Prosthetic Procedures

This seminar was a real success among our dentists and dental technicians, as most of the participants had formerly heard about Mr. Moal. The presentation started at 7PM and lasted till after 10PM.

Mr. Moal started as a young dental technician in 1965. At this time, most of fixed prosthetics were full metal, and the first esthetic cases used acrylic resin over metal.

Shortly after, the first ceramics on metal appeared which induced a real revolution in terms of aesthetics and durability.

The first implant fixed prosthetics started in 1986 and were very difficult to manufacture due to the metal contraction due to the lost wax technique.

The emergence of CAD/CAM technique in the early 90’s completely changes the approach and the results, as it granted perfect passivity of the prosthetics-on-implants, and allowed the immediate loading techniques to appear.

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