May 2, 2013

Hygiene and Prophylaxis

An inter-clinic lecture was organized by our dental hygienists from the Leausanne and Chablais clinics.

Three lectures were held that evening:

  1. Julie Faubert, dental hygienist in our clinic in Aigle, presented several clinical cases she followed for over more than a year. Implant, as well as periodontal, cases were followed with specific follow-up procedures showing the efficiency of strict oral hygiene, either in usual day-to day cases, or in post-surgical cases.
  2. Dr. Philippe Bataller lectured about the microbiology of the mouth in normal healthy cases versus pathological cases.
  3. A technical delegate from ORAL-B completed the presentations with an introduction to the benefits patients could obtain from new devices and procedures in oral hygiene.

Lecture, pictures